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“California Dreaming: The Future of the Golden State” is a docuseries from the ABC Owned Television Stations in partnership with National Geographic that will look at the future of what the California dream means, and the people working to find solutions to keep the dream alive.

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Episode 1: State of the State
First, we’ll look at the population flux. Many of our friends, neighbors and co-workers are moving out, but most of us are staying put. We’ll find out where people are going and staying — and why.

Episode 2: Wildfires
We’ve sweated it out in record heat. We’ve stood strong against raging wildfires and stared in dismay at our smoke-filled skies. Now, we’ll share stories from the fire lines and gather wisdom from our brightest minds. Their big ideas that could save the West Coast.

Episode 3: Cost of Living
We share the same beautiful state, but live in completely different worlds: the wealthy and those who struggle financially. With the world’s fifth largest economy, what can we do to bridge California’s economic divide? It’s not only a question for the experts. We talked to everyday people tackling challenges they never imagined – and succeeding.

Episode 4: Earthquakes
THE BIG ONE. We’ve been warned about it for decades. With the disruption we’ve faced in 2020, have we forgotten about California’s most destructive environmental threat? There’s hope. We’ll check out the newest technology helping us prepare.

Episode 5: The California Dream
Californians have always shown resilience, no matter what comes our way. Maybe it’s the sound of the surf or the dependable sunshine that inspires us to rise together day after day. Meet the people making waves, and discover the places that still make the California dream come true for everyone.

Download our app on Roku, AppleTV, Amazon FireTV or AndroidTV to watch the series.

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